Safety; essential for Life

At Kanyon, safety is our number one priority.

We believe safety is essential for life. This means doing everything we can to protect life, as well as other assets, from any kind of loss, and to keep safety as a primary focus both on and off site for the duration of our lives.

Kanyon believes our work is never so pressing that we cannot do it safely and we support this commitment through the implementation of a comprehensive safety program to ensure our employees are properly trained, competent and qualified.

A strong safety culture is what makes a safety program effective and successful. Through safety excellence we can achieve our goal of zero incidents and injuries on all projects.

“At Kanyon, we are committed to Health and Safety Standards that will not be compromised for cost or convenience. Kanyon’s safety first culture ensures peace of mind for our stakeholders, employees, subcontractors and clients.”

– Michael Crawford, Vice President, Operations

Kanyon Project and Site Services is proud to be a member of the following safety organizations: